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In 1984 I started the CMT Newsletter and shortly after that CMT International. After running CMT International for 18 years my husband, Ron, and I retired but in order to keep the most important basic CMT information that was printed in the 103 CMT Newsletters from 1984 until 2002 we put together this archive that is still being used today. There is so much information about CMT on the internet now that you can find something on just about anything you are looking for but having said that it doesn't hurt to have a compilation of topics to look at when you are trying to find symptom-specific help. 

To access the archived articles, go to the “CMT” tab and select “A-M” or “N-Z”.
The first section (A through M) includes articles on the following 20 topics:
Aging, Anesthetics, Basics of CMT, Bracing, Breathing, CMT websites, Children/Youth, Dentistry, Diagnosing, Drugs/Vitamins, Exercise, Falls, Fatigue, Feet/Legs, Gastrointestinal, Genetics, Grieving, Hands/Arms, Helping Aids, Insurance and Medical Journals.

The second section (N through Z) includes articles on the following 18 topics:
Nervous system, Pregnancy, CMT Q&A, Referrals, Resources, Sex, Special skills dogs, Stress, Surgery, Testing and telling, Tips for living with CMT, Travel, Types, Vocal cords, Speaking and swallowing, Wellness, Women with CMT, and Work. 

This information was originally published in the CMT International Newletters from 1984 to 2002.   It has not been updated, but is being provided for informational purposes only.